We are finaly retiring the old web site and starting a new improved web site. You can check it out here. The new website is currently in beta mode and some parts are not functional. We expect it will be fully functional by spring 2022. Will you loose your scores on the old site? Yes, unfortunately so take screen captures if they are important to you.

Many people have had precognitive dreams or successful intuitive hunches and would like to know if they might have psychic (or "psi") abilities. To provide a simple way to explore these abilities, this site provides a suite of psi tests based on techniques similar to those used in more formal laboratory experiments. The tests are fun (and valid) and you'll get immediate feedback about your performance. There are also various "Halls of Fame" where you can compare your performance with others.

Keep in mind that your results should only be considered suggestive, because high scores in these tests can be due to chance as well as to actual abilities. Only repeated testing can distinguish between luck and genuine psi abilities.

This web site was designed in August 2000 by Dean Radin and Richard Shoup. For the next 15 years it was hosted by a Silicon Valley think-tank called the Boundary Institute. In September 2015, the Institute of Noetic Sciences adopted the site and took over its maintenance. The site is maintained by Arnaud Delorme. We also wish to thank Alton Moore for his help with programming, and Christina Georgiou for helping users. 2017 update: communication and site tester volunteer needed.

We invite you to register for these tests, which involves filling out a short questionnaire.

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